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Recover oversized PST files

:: Recover deleted Outlook files with this download. It is easy to use and installs in minutes. Recover email files now from deletion or from oversized PST files.
:: OutlookFIX is a PST Outlook repair program and a solution for oversized PST files. The program is also an undelete program that will restore all deleted messages and files.
:: The new OutlookFIX demo can be downloaded for free at:

Outlook repair tool

Latest release: Outlook 2.44 released
:: For full functionality you must activate the program with an activation key. You can view the email recovery functions through the programs viewer that shows all the recovered data as it would be saved with the registered version. Once you recover Outlook Emails and elements with the demo the program will show you all the recovered data extracted from Outlook's PST file (the file that contains all the data)

There is no obligation to buy the software, if you decide you do not want to pay for the software simply uninstall the program from your computer.
:: OutlookFIX is an unobstrusive application, it will easily uninstall from your computer without a trace. During the recovery it does not modify the original file, simply reading it to perform the Outlook repair and undelete.

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