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PST repair Software tool OutlookFIX v.2.44 Released

The update of this PST repair Software mtool includesajor improvement in the program's recovery engine, increasing recovery speed and performance. It is available in a free version that shows all the data recovered by the program, including deleted information as well as data lost to a corruption of the PST file in Outlook. OutlookFIX will also reduce the size of PST files that have grown to large for Outlook to manage.

The program once it is registered will create a new PST file that is error free, and that contains all the erased or damaged data. There is no need to perform the recovery again as once it is repaired it can be saved as soon as the activation code is entered into the program. OutlookFIX is licensed for Home use and for Professional use. The only difference between the two programs is its licensed application. Home users will not lose any features or repair options. Cimaware Software offers in-house recovery if the program fails to perform as advertised as well as a money back guarantee for those rare cases where the PST file cannot be restored to the user's satisfaction.

Cimaware Software with offices in Madrid and New York is the leading provider for PST repair solutions as well as applications to restore Access database, Excel XLS files and Word documents. The latest release is a digital photo recovery tool that restores deleted photos from your digital camera.

Founded in 1985, Spain-based Cimaware Software has oriented its efforts towards the Microsoft Office recovery market since 1998. The organization has been successful in helping companies recover their valuable data in a number of industries. Their customers include Microsoft, Sony Pictures, General Motors, and Continental Airlines.

Cimaware Software continues to grow creating new Software applications. Future projects include backup programs, and Web Site applications.


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